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Sim500 eSports Racing League Rules
(RULES will be administered dispassionately.  Your longevity or current point standing WILL NOT be taken into consideration.)

1.Race Information: 

  • Sim500 follows the iRacing sporting code for all events. (Link above.)

  • The FIRST 43 Drivers in the server will race in all Sim500 events excluding Monday and Wednesday 

  • Refunds for Monday or Wednesday will not be allowed after you take the first green flag of that paid series. If a driver gets suspended or banned from Sim500, he will not receive a refund for his league fees.

  • All start times, weather and setup information will be sent out in the race e-mails, Sim500 website, and Sim500 iRacing Leagues pages.

  • QUALIFYING PROCEDURE - ALL SERIES.  As mentioned above, SIM500 follows the iRacing Sporting Code.  This means not only the letter of the rules but the spirit of the rules as well.  All participants will save a replay such that it captures your qualifying attempt going back to a timestamp at least 15 seconds prior to entering the racing surface.  Make sure your software settings are correct as the inability to submit a qualifying replay will result in the same penalty as if you’re found guilty of manipulating the severe qualifying settings.  The league administrators have the discretion of selecting ANYONE from the race event, not only the pole sittler. If you’re found to be violating this rule, you will be subject to a 1 month removal from all SIM500 events and be on an organizational wide probation for the balance of the calendar year beginning at the time the email was sent.

2.  League Requirements:

  • Requirements for open series is a Class B 3.0 safety rating, 1000 iRating. These ratings help gauge new drivers as we will make acceptions if you're referred by a Sim500 member. We understand that as not everyone runs official races. 

  • Monday Night Transervice Cup Series is invite-only

  • (No Black Stripes)


3.  New Members:

  • Sim500 is a private e-Sports racing league within the iRacing service. All new members will go through a "Probationary Period" for their first month at Sim500. It will be up to the league's discretion on you becoming a regular member. Under this period you can be removed at any time from the league. 


4.  Car Numbers:

  • Any registered drivers for the Monday Night Transervice Cup Series will own the charter for their selected number in all Sim500 series. They will also have the first choice of any number thats not used in that series so you could be subject to lose your number. We ask that drivers have ONE number for all series. 


5.  Race Restarts: 


  • The initial start is on the green flag. On all restarts, the leader may start the race at his discretion from the start of the RESTART ZONE until the green flag. 

  • The “restart zone” is the point at which the pace car is entirely off of the racing surface. The leader must maintain a constant speed until he chooses to accelerate.


6.  Pitting Etiquette: 

  • All drivers will stay on the right side of pit lane until they are three stalls away from their pit box. After your pit stop, drivers will be permitted to drive through only three stalls before returning to the right side of pit lane.


7.  Black Flags:

  • If a driver feels he has a false Black flag, an admin will clear that penalty, and it will be reviewed after the race. If a driver provides false information regarding a black flag, they will face a points penalty or one race suspension.


8.  Discord/iRacing Chat:

  • Drivers must have their chat enabled for all races. The top three finishers in broadcasted races are required to be available on Discord.

9. Sim500 Tie Breaker:

  • All series will follow the same procedures when it comes to determining who advances in the case of a tie. If two or more drivers are tied in points the following steps will break the tie. (1st wins, 2nd top5's, then 3rd option top10's if needed) will determine the driver that moves on.

10. Specific Rules (05/06/21):

  1. Using the apron (at any track) on the start or restart of any race unless avoiding something, you will be subject to a Level 1 penalty.

11. Penalties (05/06/21):

  • Level 0 - Warning

  • Level 1 - Moved to last place in the standings for that race event.

  • Level 2 - 1 Race suspension

  • Level 3 - Removal from the series and possibly from all series   

12. SIM500 Protest Procedure Effective January 11, 2021:

Please note:  We strongly recommended to our SIM500 driver base that individuals should attempt to handle your grievances personally without aggression. The hope is the issue can be handled amicably.  (Please refer to Rule 13 below.) It is required you 1) Contact the driver your issue surrounds and attempt to work out your problems.  2) If contacting the driver doesn't solve the issue, contact the series administrator and discuss the issue.  IF AT THAT POINT you find out the issue can't be resolved you may move forward and engage the IRC.  BEFORE the IRC will consider your complaint verification of items 1) and 2) will be made.  Otherwise the complaint will be returned as invalid.

Instructions to elevate and engage the IRC :

Email and include:

Subject: <Series Name>  <Race Date> <Lap Number(s)>

Body of email: Proof of your attempts to satisfy requirements 1) and 2) above. Include a synopsis of things leading up to the incident.  (Just facts please.)

Attachment(s): Replay of incident starting with 1 lap prior to the event and as many laps after that completely describes the incident.

Upon receiving the request, the IRC will review and attempt to respond within 48 hours.  If penalties are involved, the series administrator shall be notified of recommendation or any penalties to be administered prior to the next race in that series.

REMEMBER: The decisions of the IRC ARE FINAL

13.  Race Incident System/Conduct (Updated 10/27/22)

  • It is the expectation of SIM500 that all participants conduct themself as an adult in a professional environment.  This is an online eSports environment where the same participants come together week after week. Building relationships should be thought of as more important than where you finish.

  • Drivers are responsible for their actions and behavior in race servers, the Sim500 League Discord Server, and all forms of social media. Any form of misconduct will be up for review and penalties. All drivers are expected to follow the rules written here and/or as directed by league Admins. Failure to follow Sim500 rules, Admin instructions, or any conduct deemed detrimental to Sim500 will result in race penalties, probation, suspensions and/or bans from the league. All decisions on behavior are final and may not be appealed. 

  • IN RACE SERVER VOICE CHAT AND DIRECT MESSAGING: Race voice chat shall be limited to race related communications only.  For example, "pitting this time" or "clear black flag please".  Fun conversation is allowed but shall stop when the field takes the "1 To Go" to prevent distractions.  Participants SHALL NOT question others on driving nor shall they attack one another in any way, at any time. It is expected that any differences or request for explinations, be settled ammicably in Discord or by whatever means the drivers choose, post race.  

    • SPECIAL NOTE:  SIM500 will not condone threatening others at any time by any means.


  • Avoidable Cautions -- Any driver who manipulates a race by purposely bringing out a caution will be suspended from all Sim500 events for ONE month. 

  • Aggressive Racing -- Any driver who is found overaggressive causing multiple incidents on a regular basis will be issued a one-time warning. If that driver continues to have problems on the track, they will be suspended or permanently banned from Sim500.

  • INTENTIONAL WRECKING: If it is determined by the administrative staff a participant intentionally wrecked another,  you will be REMOVED and BANNED from all SIM500 Series.  

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