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Sim500, founded in 2012, has established itself as a trailblazer in the world of sim racing. Originating from the Papyrus NASCAR 2003 sim, the league quickly evolved into the premier destination for virtual racing enthusiasts. What set Sim500 apart was its visionary approach, introducing a level of competition and camaraderie that had yet to be witnessed in the realm of league racing.

The league's standout event, "Monday Night Money," played a pivotal role in catapulting Sim500 onto the global stage. This unique event attracted top-tier talent within the sim racing community, turning the league into a hub where team owners would scout and sign some of the best sim racers. The stakes were high, with races offering substantial cash prizes, and the premier cup series became a battleground for skilled drivers vying for glory and thousands of dollars in rewards. Sim500 became synonymous with high-stakes, high-quality virtual racing.

Throughout its early years, Sim500 became a home for many prominent names in sim racing, attracting a community of passionate and skilled drivers. The league's commitment to providing a platform for talent development and fostering a competitive spirit contributed to its growing popularity.

After a brief hiatus, Sim500 made a triumphant return on November 29th, 2017, this time embracing the iRacing platform. The transition marked a new era for the league, expanding its reach and offering an even more realistic and immersive racing experience. Since its revival, over 1,225 drivers have taken the virtual track, making at least one career start and contributing to the league's vibrant and diverse community.

Sim500's legacy is not just about racing—it's about pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the virtual realm, creating a space where passion meets competition. As the league continues to evolve on the iRacing platform, it stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of sim racing, welcoming both seasoned veterans and newcomers to share in the thrill of the virtual track.



Daniel Faulkingham's presence in Sim500 is nothing short of legendary, solidifying his status as the most dominant driver in the league's storied history.

With an astounding 150 wins, Faulkingham has not just reached the pinnacle of success but has redefined what it means to be a dominant force in Sim500 as he transitioned to the iRacing Coca-Cola Pro Series.


Competing at such a high level further cements his status among the elite in the virtual racing world.

Sim500 Premier Championships

2022 NC811 Cup Champion

2021 FEG Xfinity Champion 

2020 FEG Xfinity Champion 




Chad Coleman is the true Ironman of Sim500. His unwavering support for Sim500, both in terms of participation and contribution, has left an indelible mark on the league's history.

What sets Coleman apart is not just his remarkable number of starts but the consistency and passion he brings to each and every event. With well over 1,000 starts, he has become a fixture on the virtual track, showcasing a level of commitment that reflects his love for Sim500 and the world of sim racing.

Sim500 Premier Championships 

2018 Hitman Xfinity Champion 


EJ O'Rourke stands as a beacon of support and camaraderie within the Sim500 community. His enduring dedication is evident in his impressive record of over 1,000 starts, a testament to his unwavering commitment to virtual racing.

In a competitive environment where racing prowess is celebrated, O'Rourke's affable nature and sportsmanship make him stand out.  O'Rourke's presence goes beyond the virtual track, contributing to the sense of community and friendship that defines Sim500.

Sim500 Premier Championships

2027 WCI Parts Truck Champion 





Pedro Mojica stands as a living legend within the Sim500 racing community, a force to be reckoned with on the virtual track. With an impressive track record, Mojica has firmly etched his name in the league's history, leaving an indelible mark on Sim500 since its inception.

His remarkable achievement of 76 wins places him in the esteemed third position for the most victories in Sim500, showcasing a level of consistency and skill that few can match. Mojica's dominance is not just in numbers; it's a testament to his prowess and strategic acumen on the virtual circuit.

SIM500 Premier Championships 

2023 NC811 Cup Champion

2023 NC811 Xfinity Champion 

2022 FEG Xfinity Champion



Trey Eidson, a true Sim500 stalwart, has etched his name in the league's history as a multiple-time Premier Sim500 Champion. His impressive record of 64 wins places him in a tie for 7th on the Sim500 wins list, a testament to his skill and tenacity on the virtual racecourse.

However, Eidson's impact extends far beyond the accolades and championship titles. His commitment to Sim500 behind the scenes has played a pivotal role in Sim500. In a league that values both on-track success and the spirit of camaraderie, Trey Eidson embodies the ideal Sim500 racer.

SIM500 Premier Championships 

2020 Transervice Cup Champion

2020 Kickass Jerky Truck Champion

2019 Kickass Jerky Truck Champion



Mike Kelley stands among the elite in Sim500 history, positioned within the top 5 with an impressive record as he closes in on 900 starts. His journey in Sim500 has been marked by multiple Championships, making him a force at Sim500. 

With 37 wins to his credit, Kelley has consistently demonstrated his competitive edge. 


The crowning achievement of Kelley's career, the 2023 NC811 Daytona 500K victory, adds a prestigious title to his list of accomplishments. He is the only HOF member to win that prestigious event. 

SIM500 Premier Championships 

2017 Sim500 Cup Champion

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