The Sim500 eSports Racing legaue is proud to announce the Bryce Whitson #NeverQuit 240 Benefit race Live on Podium eSports June 5th.

Hendrick Motorsports Aerodynamics Engineer L. Bryce Whitson Jr. has been fighting acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) since August 2017 and no cure has been found as of yet. Bryce’s doctors consider his best option for a cure is an immunotherapy-based clinical trial. Recently he has been accepted into a trial for CD123 Targeted CAR T-Cell immunotherapy at the University of Pennsylvania. UPenn is the architect for many commercial CAR T-Cell therapies used to cure other blood cancers similar to AML. The leukemia teams at Charlotte and UPenn believe this disease will respond extremely well to this CAR T-Cell treatment because 99% of leukemia he has expresses the trial’s CD123 target.


The clinical trial will require Bryce and Rachel (his wife) to travel to Philadelphia multiple times over the next few months for baseline appointments. Then, once primary treatment begins, they will have to temporarily live in Philadelphia for anywhere from one to six months. They estimate that the clinical trial will cost them nearly $50k in travel, housing for their animals, and potential medical expenses not covered by insurance.


The L. Bryce Whitson #NeverQuit 240 will help raise money through driver entry fees. All money raised will go to help Bryce and Rachel (his wife) as they continue to battle this horrible disease. Registration is now open to the first 60 drivers with paid entry into the event. All numbers will be on a first-come basis unless reserved for special guest drivers.

SIM500 is proud to report that we have met our goal of 60 participants for this event and registration is now closed.  But there's still more we can do! 


If you missed entry and would still like to help Bryce, you can still donate by visiting:

DJ Beverly


#NeverQuit240 Driver Roster

 00Don Runkle

03Louis Sarabia

04Marc Myers

08Thomas O'Leary

1John Mustian

2Shannon Wood

3Jeff Rhyne

4 James Krahula

6Tyler Paige

7Mike Montesi

8Randy Yokum

9Brandon Key

10Richard Besley

11Jose Gonzalez

12Neil Quick

13Gary Whitson

14Joey Gattina

15Nick Silver

18Bryan Fallen

19Mark Allen

20Scott Kehrberg

21Sean Corcoran

22Nelson Rivera

23Kevin Zielezinski

24Jeffrey Glockner

25Ricky Hardin

26Lee Staples

27Anthony DeBaro

28Donny Lia

29Mathew Welzenbach

31Greg Ives

32Shane Ewing

37Brody Hays

38Chad Coleman

41Tim Knott

42David Comstock

43Reed Rundel

44Glenn Campbell

48Brayden Whitaker

51Justin Fuller

55Brian Yaczik

57Cole Timm

58Tedd Pullen

59Jim Thorndike

61Jeffery Gilliam

66Brian Wertman

69Jonathan Caddell

72Michael Chrobok

74Jake Butos

77John Machione

81 Ian Fraser

88John Sterling

90Vincent Picciotti

91Steve Gottschalk

93Kevin Brown

96Mitch Rollo

99Tommy Rhyne

126Jeff Edddie

133Dennis Briegel

115Jonathan Mitchem