SIM500 MASCAR eSports iRacing League

-Main Event Race Times
Server Registration -- 50 Drivers
Practice Starts -- 8:35 PM EST
Broadcast Starts -- 9:00 PM ET
Qualifying/Heat Races 9:05 PM EST (Conduct - SEVERE)
Race -- 9:05 PM EST

Mods (Rotate Weekly)
358 Modifieds and Pro Late Models

Heat Races
1. Each heat race will be a 10 lap race.
2. Each heat race will have 8 driver in it 
3. Top 4 drivers will move on to the feature the others will race in the consolation 
4. Track state will carry over from Qualifying
5. The yellows will be turn off for all heat races

1. Consolation will be set to allow up to 20 cars per race
2. Yellows will be turn off
3. Due to the car count the number of drivers that will make the show is determined in the iracing season
4. Track state will carry over from the heat races

1. Grid will be set to 24 cars
2. Track state will carry over from the heat races and consolation 
3. The yellow flags will not count laps.
4.There will be one green white checker attempt
Starts and Restarts
1. In both cars it will be double file restarts.
2. The Start of the race will be on green 
3. After that all the other restarts are on the leader as long as the pace car has left the racing surface.
4. If there is a yellow immediately following a double file restart then we will go to single file until a lap is completed.
5. You can not change lanes at a restart until you pass the start line. IF you do you will be giving a EOL at the end of the race. So you will finish the last car on the lead lap or what ever lap you are on.
6. Leader will have lane choice on all restarts